Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Yummy, scrummy in my tummy!

There is a lot to be grateful for if you go to Ahuroa School ... trees to climb, bush to explore, warm sunny classrooms and lunch boxes full of yummy food.

Today we took some time to look in our lunch boxes and think about how our food got in there everyday. Some of us help our parents or siblings put food in our lunch boxes.  We agreed we were very grateful for the food we are given each day. Ruby described what being grateful is beautifully.

Then we got to work on producing individual cards for that special person who makes our lunch. We talked about the words we use in cards for example: Thank you, To, Dear, love from etc.
We discussed where to put the words and where to put the picture. Did you receive a card today? 

If you would like to send us mail here at school our address is:
Sanderson Whanau
Ahuroa School
1349 Ahuroa Road
Auckland 0981

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