Sunday, August 19, 2012

Rats in the classroom

We are very excited to have 2 rats taking a holiday in our classroom. Genevieve and Liam are on holiday in Fiji. So, Smokey and Stormy (the rats) are staying with us. We have learnt so much about them already. Here are the main things to remember if you come into Sanderson Whanau this week:

No fingers in the cage - the rats will bite.
Be quiet - use whispers, no loud noises, thanks.
Keep the door closed - NO CATS ALLOWED!
Do not feed the rats - Eleanor and Oren will feed them.

Smokey and Stormy are feeling at home in Sanderson Whanau.
We all wrote about the rats today.

Haydon wrote: I like rats. Their names are Smokey and Stormy.
Craig wrote: The rats are stinky. I love rats.
Ruby wrote: Today Smokey and Stormy came to school. They are adorable. Don't put your finger in the cage because they will bite your finger. Close the door because Manny will come in and give the rats a heart attack. They could die and that would be sad.
Scarlett wrote: Rats - they are soft and furry.
Rosa wrote: Rat Diary, day one. Smokey and Stormy had a trip to school in a car. The ma (white) one is called...
Tessa wrote: Rat Diary. Cats eat rats and mice. Rats have a long tail, a so, so, long tail. Rats can't open doors because they are so little. They have a blanket. They go to sleep in the morning. They go to sleep all day.
Jon-Joseph wrote: Don't open the door cos Manny will come in and give the rats a heart attack and they might die. It will be sad and don't put your finger in.
Mahana wrote: The rats are fluffy. They sleep in the day.
Samuel wrote: The rats have teeny, tiny noses. The rats are stinky. They are friends. I love them.
Isabel wrote: The rats are cool. They like to sleep in the day. Make sure the cats don't come in, the rats will ...
Angelyssa wrote: The rats jump up sometimes. They are very cute. The scratch their ears like a dog. 
Niall wrote: The rats are soft. Rats are animals. Don't put fingers in the cage. Smokey is the coolest. Stormy is cool too. The rats sleep in the morning.

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  1. I love the stories that you have all written about the rats. Well done!