Saturday, March 24, 2012

PE and Fitness
Sanderson Whanau has a daily fitness session, as well as regular PE lessons. We also have an additional PE session once a fortnight with Tony from North Harbour Sport.  

As a trained Teacher of Yoga for both adults and children, as well as a past coach of netball, gymnastics and badminton I am aware of how important it is to integrate movement and practice into every day.

Over this term Sanderson Whanau has been focusing on developing and extending our Fundamental Locomotor Skills.  

As you can see from the research below the focus in the junior classroom is based on skill development that will lead to confidence in participating in organised sport.

"Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) can be considered in three themes
  • Fundamental Locomotor skill themes;
    such as running, hopping, dodging, jumping and skipping
  • Fundamental Manipulative or object control skill themes;
    such as catching, throwing, striking, and kicking
  • Fundamental Body Management or stability skills themes;
    such as balance, landing and rotation.
Children who develop competence in these important building blocks within early primary school years have been shown to have greater participation levels in physical activity experiences, both throughout later schooling and in adult life; they also have higher levels of fitness and self-esteem. (Okely et al 2001; Saakslahti et al 1999)

Conversely, children who do not become proficient in a range of FMS, frequently avoid physical activity, and have reduced self-confidence.

Recent evidence suggests physical activity enhances children's cognitive functioning, concentration and on task behaviour (Budde et al 2008; Taras, 2005). This current research focusing on links between movement and cognition, has clearly demonstrated physical activity plays a major role in stimulating the brain, to be more able to learn cognitive tasks, (Blakemore 2003)."


If you would like to be involved in the fitness programme please feel free to join us for 15 minutes Monday to Thursday on the court... make sure you have your running shoes on! 

Please ask Maria for PE times (as these vary due to weather and timetables).

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