Saturday, March 24, 2012


Our classroom has been thoroughly spoilt this term by having the swimming pool reserved for our use every afternoon for the first 6 weeks of the term. Of course, we made the most of it.  On days when it looked a little less inviting we used our statistics skills to vote "swim or no swim".  Each child had one vote in the balance scale... and "YES -  for a swim" always won!

Apart from fostering lots of enjoyment of being in the water our learning focus included Level 1 Swim Start Skills:

  • Unassisted Entry – Ladder, on stomach,
  • Move in the water
  • Safe Exit
  • Submerge and blow bubbles
  • Pick up objects

Some children were confident and experienced enough to be extended into some of the Level 2 Swim Start Skills:

  • Sit and ¼ turn entry
  • Float on front – regain feet
  • Float on back – regain feet
  • Streamline Glide on front with leg action
  • Streamline glide on back with leg action
  • Freestyle arm action
  • Backstroke arm action
  • Horizontal rotation
  • Sculling
  • Rigid Aid Assistance

Water Safety New Zealand are concerned that "323 school pools closed between 2001 and 2008", so it really is fantastic that Ahuroa School has the school pool available for school lessons, lunchtime swimming, after school care swimming and community key swimming.  

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