Thursday, August 4, 2011

The apple experiment

Why an apple experiment?
After digging up dinosaur bones, Sanderson Whanau children were discussing what happened to the dinosaur's skin etc. As an analogy we talked about how an apple rots away... somehow we came up with the big question - what would an apple look like after 6 months of sitting on the windowsill? 
So we created the APPLE EXPERIMENT.  Now, over a month later the apple is changing. The children check it regularly and make comments on what they observe. Here is a written update from a few of Sanderson Whanau's scientists. 

We are making an apple experiment. The ants have made a hole in it. The apple has shrunk. It used to be big. Because the ants ate it. It is on the window.

We have a apple experiment. It is going to be good.

The ants are nibbling the apple.

The ants are eating the apple.

Cole Phillips
I don’t want the ants to eat the whole apple or we won’t have the apple experiment.

Cole Mathers
I can see the hole in the apple. because the ants have been eating the apple.

George Mart
The apple experiment. We are going to check on it. I love it. It's awesome.


  1. I wonder what it will look like next month? Will it have more holes?
    Will it still be there?

  2. Maybe the ants will move in and make it their home for a while! I hope they're friendly ants!!!
    It is such a clever analogy...