Monday, July 18, 2011

Dinosaur dig writing

Shakiya: Today we found bones. Today we found lots of bones. They were really heavy!

Jayden: I got a bone. I dug a bone.

George: I found bones. Me and Jayden found bones. Me, Cole, Max and Flynn are going to get bones out of the sandpit. I like digging. We are going to find more!

Gus: Me and Dylan digged and we found a bone. We found it in the sandpit and we are proud.

Max: I found 2 dinosaur bones. One was a head and the other was part of the head. It was really fun. I had Shakiya and Flynn helping me. There were lots of bones.

Holly: Today the phone rang and we were digging for bones.  We found a lot of bones, it was fun. I loved it. I was working with Shakiya and Flynn and Cole.

Abby: We did digging for bones. It was fun. At morning tea I am going into the sandpit.

Cole: (coming soon...)

Flynn: “Look” said Max “ a bone, a dinosaur bone.” “Great” said Mrs Morris. “Look” said Flynn 
“Jayden found one too, it looks like a spine. Holly you found one too." "Flynn you found one too!”

Dylan: Gus and me found a bone in the sandpit. We found it in the sandpit. It was really big.
Jon-Joseph: Dylan and Gus and me dug bones.

Thanks to Daniel Berger for the bones and to Mr Hancock for helping Dan to hide them.

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  1. sounds like an exciting day hopefully you can find some more one day