Saturday, July 2, 2011

Clay dinosaurs

This week we explored making dinosaurs and other shapes with clay. We are developing practical knowledge and ideas by using clay to model and create 3-dimensional works.

Techniques we have explored
·     using slurry to connect pieces of clay
·     using skewers and sticks to provide a frame (armature) for the clay
·     pinching, rolling and coiling clay

We used skills of observation to inform our art making. We looked at small models of dinosaurs, we viewed videos of dinosaur replicas and we looked at illustrations of dinosaurs in books.

Where to next: develop an understanding of the drying, firing process in clay work.  Continue to experiment with clay as we find out more about structure and balance in modelling work - that is - how to get it to stand up and stay standing!!

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  1. I really enjoyed helping Sanderson whanau make their masterpieces! I liked how they were all unique!