Monday, July 18, 2011

Dinosaur dig writing

Shakiya: Today we found bones. Today we found lots of bones. They were really heavy!

Jayden: I got a bone. I dug a bone.

George: I found bones. Me and Jayden found bones. Me, Cole, Max and Flynn are going to get bones out of the sandpit. I like digging. We are going to find more!

Gus: Me and Dylan digged and we found a bone. We found it in the sandpit and we are proud.

Max: I found 2 dinosaur bones. One was a head and the other was part of the head. It was really fun. I had Shakiya and Flynn helping me. There were lots of bones.

Holly: Today the phone rang and we were digging for bones.  We found a lot of bones, it was fun. I loved it. I was working with Shakiya and Flynn and Cole.

Abby: We did digging for bones. It was fun. At morning tea I am going into the sandpit.

Cole: (coming soon...)

Flynn: “Look” said Max “ a bone, a dinosaur bone.” “Great” said Mrs Morris. “Look” said Flynn 
“Jayden found one too, it looks like a spine. Holly you found one too." "Flynn you found one too!”

Dylan: Gus and me found a bone in the sandpit. We found it in the sandpit. It was really big.
Jon-Joseph: Dylan and Gus and me dug bones.

Thanks to Daniel Berger for the bones and to Mr Hancock for helping Dan to hide them.

I am a paleaontologist!

Gus finds a bone!

Max and Shakiya dust off a skull.

George and Cole ponder where this came from.

Dylan, Tayrn and Jon-Joseph keep dig, dig, digging

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Keeping our class tidy

We ALL love keeping our class tidy and clean. A special thanks this week to Gus and Max for keeping a check on the gumboots. Good on you two for reminding everyone to keep our entrance tidy and for fixing up fallen boots when you notice them. You should be proud of yourselves!


How big are you compared to a Dinosaur?  How did Dinosaurs become extinct?
These are the big questions we have been exploring in Sanderson Whanau recently.
Today we shared our individual ideas on how Dinosaurs became extinct....
Ask me what I already know...

Click these links to hear our favourite songs this week:
I am a paleontologist
The dinosaur song

Clay dinosaurs

This week we explored making dinosaurs and other shapes with clay. We are developing practical knowledge and ideas by using clay to model and create 3-dimensional works.

Techniques we have explored
·     using slurry to connect pieces of clay
·     using skewers and sticks to provide a frame (armature) for the clay
·     pinching, rolling and coiling clay

We used skills of observation to inform our art making. We looked at small models of dinosaurs, we viewed videos of dinosaur replicas and we looked at illustrations of dinosaurs in books.

Where to next: develop an understanding of the drying, firing process in clay work.  Continue to experiment with clay as we find out more about structure and balance in modelling work - that is - how to get it to stand up and stay standing!!