Friday, June 3, 2011


Four mornings a week we write. We write about our experiences. Sometimes, we talk with a "talking buddy" before we write to help plan our writing.  Sometimes we help Mrs Morris write a shared story on the whiteboard. We stretch out words to help us hear the sounds.  Recently, we have been finding out how the word "because" helps us extend our sentences. Here are some recent samples of our writing.

I love my tree hut because my Dad built it. My tree hut is fun because my Dad is cool.

I am going to get a haircut today because it is getting too long.

I like to play with my big men.

Today I brought my Bionicles Earth, Fire, and Ice. Two of them are mixed up and one of them is normal. My favourite one is Earth.

I love my animals and they love me! We play tag.

One day my Dad showed me the mouse that he had caught. And it was all fluffy. It was really funny. He threw it in the really long grass. Then me and dad rode our bikes for a little bit. It was really fun. Then we went inside for tea.

I got stung again. Malakhai lifted me up. I love him and he loves me too because we made a car garage. We play with each other.

Yesterday a baby crocodile hatched out of an egg. It was on TV three. The mother was jumping out of the water and the mother had sharp teeth. It was at Butterfly Creek. The baby crocodile had small eyes.

Jayden is coming to my house. We are going to play outside.

On Friday I am going to my Dad's and I love my dad and he loves me too. Tayla is coming with us because she is in our family, and Tayla loves Dad too.

I like volcanoes.

If you have enjoyed reading our writing PLEASE leave a comment - we love to know someone has read our writing.

Thanks to Eloise and Helena for sitting with us while we typed. Thanks to Nicky Berger and Tanya Barber for your time in supporting the children during writing.


  1. WOW Sanderson Whanau, what great writing. It is fun to read about what you did in the weekend or what you like doing sometimes. I am looking forward to reading more.
    Mrs Hanlon


  3. What great writing you guys. Max, your writing is brilliant. We had such good fun that day. Keep going with the great writing. From Daddy.

  4. Yeah! What cool experiences you guys have had or are going to have! I enjoyed typing with you guys! Please write more soon!